We Code For The Kick Of It!

And we find that even with decades of experience, there's always room to learn, to grow, to get better at our craft. So if you're also passionate about code and are in Zurich, you've come to the right place. At best, join us at our Coders Weekly sessions!

News, Events, Announcements

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  • Mailing List: because you really don't want to miss out on our events
  • Techup: because we just love to tech up, we post all our events there
  • Meetup: because we also love to meet up, and have our friends there
  • LinkedIn: because today everyone and everything is on linked in, right?
  • SoCraTes Day: because nothing beats open spacing about software
  • Softwerkskammer: because we are part of a worldwide community
  • @infinitary: to gain insight into my very own, personal universe